EMU48, an HP48 emulation program for PC

EMU48 is a powerful program that emulates the functionality of an HP48S or HP48G calculator on a PC.
Release 1.57 of the software can be found at

UnZIP the file into a folder named EMU48 (e.g. in the Program Files folder on the c: drive of the PC)

The program actually emulates the functionality of the Saturn processor of the HP48S, HP48G and HP38G calculators.
You also need a copy of the ROM contents of one of those calculators to make the program operational.
E.g. ROM revision R of the HP48G calculator can be downloaded from:

UnZIP the file and save it into the EMU48 folder.

If you have already installed the emulator, you should convert the ROM using the Convert utility.

To do that, start a Command Prompt while running Windows, and type:
Convert <rom-file> ROM.48G
The latter target file name is the default used by EMU48.

EMU48 offers several ways of feeding input data to the emulator environment:
- by pasting a string onto HP48 stack level 1 from the paste buffer using the "Edit - Paste String" menu.
- loading a binary HP48 object onto HP48 stack level 1 using the "Edit - Load Object" menu.
- by using the nice Excel Add-In below to convert an Excel Cell range into the native HP48 matrix object format.

Loading a complete ready to use calculator environment

EMU48 allows for storage of the entire RAM contents - including libraries - of an HP48 into a specific file type with suffix .E48.

Such .E48 files take 512 kbytes regardless of the amount of HP48 RAM actually occupied.
Therefore it is handier to compress them into ZIPped files for exchange over the Internet.

E.g. this Virology.zip file contains a few directories with utilities for the statistical analysis of virological data:

  • Estimation of viral concentrations from dilution counts, including the effect of pipetting errors.
  • Estimation of viral concentrations based on dose-response data from cytopathic effect assays.
  • Spearman-Kärber log titre estimate..

    Dowload and UNZIP it; Open the file from the EMU48 File menu.
    Mind that this operation overwrites any of the previous contents of your HP48 emulator environment!

    Excel Add-In

    This Excel Add-In for Microsoft Excel (97 or higher) saves a selected range as a matrix in HP48's native binary file format and opens such files. This enables fast upload to either the calculator or EMU48:


    A nice KML script (defines how the PC screen representation of the calculator looks) that foresees more room for a bigger virtual display with a slightly rearranged keyboard is "Niko's HP48 GX Workstation II" :
    A variety of scripts is offered on that site.

    UnZIP the files into the EMU48 folder and select the extra KML script in the "View -  Change KML Script..." pulldown menu.
    The script mentioned above does not seem to work properly with MS Win2000, though 8-S

    The ALG48 library, a powerful extension

    The ALG48 library of Claude-Nicholas Fiechter and Mika Heiskanen offers
    a powerful extension to the limited Computer Algebra System capabilities of the HP48GX.
    The most recent update version of the ALG48 library and more, can be downloaded at URL: