PCX Infodag

The way to get in contact with other HP calculator people

January 25th 2020, starting at 14h00
the KAM

The PCX Info days are there to meet other HP calculator users. This way you can have personal contact to resolve questions and problems in a very pleasant way. The PCX team always organises a little presentation about HP calculators, HP palmtops, HP software and HP peripherals. People with all kinds of HP calculators and HP palmtops are welcome. The complete program library of PCX and all Goody Disks are available at the meeting. Your own software can be presented to the PCX team and the other attendees. This way your software can be shared with others. As Belgium is a multi-language country, Dutch, French, German and English are the commonly used languages and we'll try to help people speaking any other language. That means everyone is welcome.

A PCX Info day starts at 14h00 and lasts until 17u00 on saturday afternoon. Location can vary but mostly it is in the center of Belgium, namely Brussels at "De Kam". Common speaking languages are Dutch, French & English.

If you have requests or suggestions for the info days,
please make the effort to inform us !

Past "Infodag" subjects