Past Infodag subjects

Below you'll find some interesting subjects, discussed and/or presented some time ago
at one of our Infodag presentations.
For more information on the presentation, please refer to the author.


Ph.J.Roussel De scheefliggende mazouttank N
Ph.J.Roussel The new year equation E
Ph.J.Roussel Het Kirchhoff-Thévenin netwerk probleem D
Ph.J.Roussel De xnx breinbreker D
Ph.J.Roussel Het prikkeldraad maximalisatieprobleem D
Ph.J.Roussel De Cosinusbergwandeling D
Ph.J.Roussel Het Arithmeum te Bonn D
Ph.J.Roussel Musici Vaganti D
Ph.J.Roussel Relativistische massa-energie D
Ph.J.Roussel Goniometrievraagstuk NWQ 2010 D
Ph.J.Roussel De gekraakte RSA-sleutel (breinbrekertje) D
Ph.J.Roussel De paradoxale puzzel D
Ph.J.Roussel Statistics: where human intuition fails ... E
Ph.J.Roussel The helical spring MES set E
Ph.J.Roussel Designing a Multiple Equations Solver set on the HP48G: the High K voltage devider. E
Ph.J.Roussel Laplace & Fourier analysis of response of RL load to rectified AC voltage source. E
Ph.J.Roussel Solving Simplex Problems with the HP48G
MS Excel and Mathematica
Ph.J.Roussel Benny's ramp: clotoidal or skewed sine? E
Ph.J.Roussel Accounting for the complexity of Real functions E
Ph.J.Roussel The silences of Hypatia E
Ph.J.Roussel Ladenkast, piramide & bierbak ... D
Ph.J.Roussel Het "Ladder en Doos" probleem D
Ph.J.Roussel Piramides vormen met kanonskogels D
Ph.J.Roussel Het Torpedojager vraagstuk D
Ph.J.Roussel Het "WC Rol" probleem. D
Ph.J.Roussel Breinbreker: de dochters van de zeekapitein D

The "L" column defines the language of the article "E" for English and "D" for Dutch